State & Country Data

With database design work, I commonly run across the need for data, especially state and country data with ISO 3166 information, state abbreviations, etc. Since I can’t afford to pay for an ISO membership or their databases, I generally wind up cutting and pasting the countries and states off of wikipedia.

However, this takes quite a bit of work since you have to cut and paste into Excel, remove the images and hyperlinks (see script below), remove formatting and clean up the various comments in the data.

Public Sub RemoveStuff()
End Sub

So, when I ran across this resource, I was thrilled. It’s all the information I need, right in one place. This is the Common Data Hub site. More specifically I found the lists for countries and states very useful. It contained the lists as well as ISO, FIPS, IOC, WMO, ITU, etc. codes as well as postal codes, region information and a whole lot more.

Most of the lists on this site are limited in the data they show so you will purchase their databases. However, these two lists are complete. This saves me so much time!

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