Launch WCF Client from Visual Studio on Debug


Recently I created a new web project, added some WCF web services to it and tried to debug them. To my suprise the WCF client application (WcfTestClient.exe) didn’t launch when I clicked Debug in Visual Studio. I went through all of the project options, looked online and couldn’t come up with anything. So, I started digging through project files. Here’s what I came up with.

Enable WCF Client on Debug

  1. Open Windows Explorer (Win+E).
  2. Navigate to your project’s folder (where the .csproj/.vbproj file is).
  3. Open the ProjectName.csproj file in your favorite editor.
  4. Navigate to the following XML location.
    1. /Project/ProjectExtensions/VisualStudio/FlavorProperties/WebProjectProperties
  5. Insert a blank line just above the closing </WebProjectProperties>
  6. Paste the following in the blank line.
    1. <EnableWcfTestClientForSVCDefaultValue>True</EnableWcfTestClientForSVCDefaultValue>
  7. Save the project file and exit.
  8. Reload the project. Visual Studio will probably notify you that the project file has been modified.
  9. Ensure the WCF project is set as the Startup Project
    1. Right-click the project and select Set As Startup Project.
  10. Ensure the service you want to debug is set as the Start Page.
    1. Right-click the service file (.svc) the select Set As Start Page.
  11. Click Debug.


This should cause the WCF Client to run when the project is debugged. Happy Testing!


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