Move Windows User Folders to Another Drive

To help alleviate this situation, we are going to move the user folders (Documents, Downloads, Music and Videos) to the secondary hard drive. If this is not done correctly though, applications that look for these files will just think they're missing and future files will continue to be stored on the small primary drive. This article will walk you through the steps to perform this move properly so that this don't occur.


Right-Click Open to File/Folder Command Prompt

Disclaimer: As with any registry action, please make sure you perform a full registry backup first! You are entirely responsible for modifying your registry and by using this registry mod, you agree to hold me, WordPress, affiliates and everyone else completely harmless of anything and everything that happens! In general, you should not download .reg … Continue reading Right-Click Open to File/Folder Command Prompt

Can’t Find Devices When Plugging them into Your Computer

Overview Sometimes when you plugin a USB device (e.g. thumb drive, phone, etc.), the drive doesn't appear in your list of drives (My Computer). This guide will help you solve this problem and gain access to the device you just plugged in. Note: Never attempt to reassign drive letters for system drives (e.g. C drive) … Continue reading Can’t Find Devices When Plugging them into Your Computer

Add “Edit With” Item to Windows Explorer

Overview This article explains how to add a program to the right-click context menu in Windows Explorer. This can be very helpful if you commonly use a certain program to open files. I use notepad a lot to edit files and so it saves me a lot of time to add this to the windows explorer … Continue reading Add “Edit With” Item to Windows Explorer

Creating a Windows Time Clock

Overview Occasionally I find it necessary to try to figure out when I arrived at work, left work, went to break and so on. It has happened that the end of the week came along and I had forgotten to fill in a day or two and don't remember precisely what times to put in. The problem … Continue reading Creating a Windows Time Clock