Guide to Building a Hackintosh

I came across this article on building a "Hackintosh". According to the article "A hackintosh is simply any non-Apple hardware that has been made—or “hacked”—to run Mac OS X." Now I'm not a big Apple fan. I run mostly Microsoft technologies (yes, I'm a bit of a fan boy) and some Linux systems as well. … Continue reading Guide to Building a Hackintosh

GPS Tracking is a Search!

If the government puts a GPS tracker in any of your personal effects, it constitutes a search. This is a huge win for privacy, over-invasive government and personal freedom.

Remove Unwanted SameTime Statuses

The IBM® Sametime Connect client allows you to customize the messages that show when you're in different statuses (e.g. available, away, in a meeting, etc.). These messages are stored in a simple XML format so they are easy to edit.

NSA “Equation group” Puts Spyware in Hard Drive Firmware

The NSA has been listening and recording through your mobile phone for years whether it's on or off ("Clapper Program"). Now Kaspersky Labs has found spyware hidden inside the firmware of hard drives made by most major manufacturers.

C# WMI Tutorial

This tutorial will provide a step-by-step process to follow in order to use WMI. It will provide information about the tools you need, how to use them and finally how to code to get information from WMI.

Connecting to Integration Services Failed with “Access Denied”

Overview Today, when trying to connect to my local SQL Server Integration Services instance for the first time I received an error message. It was a new installation of SQL 2012 so I didn't know for sure that it was even running. I checked to verify that SSIS was actually installed and that the service was running. … Continue reading Connecting to Integration Services Failed with “Access Denied”

Delete Visual Studio Online Project

Here is how you delete a project from your Visual Studio Online account.