This page contains links to software that I consider to be outstanding.

  • Software Development
    • SoapUI – A free client used to test SOAP based web services.
    • Fiddler – A free web debugging proxy.
    • SQL Server Profiler – A tool built-in to Microsoft SQL Server that allows tracing of SQL operations. Default location is “[DRIVE]:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\[VERSION]\Tools\Binn\PROFILER.EXE”.
    • WCF Test Client – A tool built-in to Visual Studio that allows testing Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services. Default location is “[DRIVE]:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio [Version]\Common7\IDE\WcfTestClient.exe”.
  • Communications
  • Websites
    • DotNetNuke – A free web site software written in .NET that is massively customizable and includes almost every feature you could possibly want for a website.
  • Chemistry
    • – Dynamic periodic table of elements.

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